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English: Hilger record label.

English: Hilger record label. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Established in 1981, PAN® is the oldest online MUSIC network serving professionals in ALL aspects of the music business.

Whether you are a session player or producer, songwriter or studio owner, performer or booking agent, publisher or record label, PAN is your online resource for music industry networking and real-world services for your business and career needs.

OneSource is a new totally digital distribution system for the online sale and delivery of e-CD’s through affiliated retail websites throughout the world.

An e-CD is similar in content to a physical CD, but is downloaded directly to the buyer’s computer. In addition to the music tracks, it often contains more artwork, lyric sheets, photos, and other inserts than a physical CD might. What is or is not included with the music tracks is completely at the record label’s discretion.

By saving the high costs of manufacturing, shipping, inventory stocking, and other “bricks ‘n mortar” expenses, the savings can be passed on directly to the consumer to dramatically reduce the purchase price. Yet the artist, label, and retailer retain approximately the same profit margins as they would receive from physical CD sales. And, given the high elasticity of CD pricing, lower prices would be expected to translate into higher sales volumes.

Buyers who only want one or two tracks from a CD have the option of buying individual tracks, at the record label’s discretion. Participating labels have the option of offering their product for sale by the track only, in its entirety only, or both. Labels can also determine whether or not tracks can be listened to prior to purchase.

The OneSource system is built on PAN’s anti-piracy platform called “DIF”, or Digital Interactive Fingerprinting. Besides protecting the downloaded tracks from abuse through online piracy, DIF also allows each e-CD to be personalized at the point of purchase. Personalization enables a buyer to recover an e-CD without having to purchase it again if they ever have a computer disk crash or otherwise lose their computer files.

OneSource is extremely flexible.

It can be used on a turnkey basis by any copyright owner, and optionally from their own website where their music files are stored.
It can be used on a private-label basis by affiliated retailers who wish to retain their branding and display their own logos.
It can be used transparently by aggregators and portals who have copyright and license clearances and who handle their own credit card transactions.

It can be used directly by record labels and individual artists by adding titles to the OneSource catalog and storing the files on the OneSource servers.

Promotional tie-ins and programs are built-in to the system, allowing labels to achieve higher visibility for their artists. These programs are completely optional and include sponsorship opportunities from advertisers, demographic linkage, etc..  J Roald Smeets