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All of my children love Pan Fu… J. Roald Smeets

Children and their families are our top priority. goodbeans, founded in 2007 under the name Young Internet, is Europe’s leading provider of safe, family-friendly, fun and diverse apps and online worlds.

Our game and learning products function as the first point of contact with the digital world for children up until 12 years of age. A big responsibility and a great chance to help shape this exciting world.

Goodbeans games have millions of members from all over the world.

Nighty Night
The bedtime book “Nighty Night!” for iPhone and iPad helps children get to know animals interactively while preparing to go to bed.

Little Fox Music Box
A sing-along songbook with the little fox music studio and more than 100 interactive elements in 3 songs!

The Jungle Book
Rudyard Kipling’s classic story is loved by children of all ages. We have interpreted the story in a modern way by designing it in the form of an interactive ebook application.

Grolly´s Animal Adventure
A fun animal kingdom. Adorable animations. For the whole family. For iPhone and iPad.

Pete and the secret of flying
A lovingly designed interactive story book that children will love listening to or reading on their own.

Panfu – Be a Panda!
Games and adventures for curious kids. Have fun. Meet friends & chat safely. Discover great games.

Oloko – Create your World!

Exciting strategy game for clever kids. Plant your garden. Learn a profession and trade your goods. Chat safely.

The work of our team inspires millions of children and their families all over the world. Our motivation and continued challenge is to help shape the use of media for children. We want to develop safe and exciting apps that help children learn in a playful manner.

goodbeans is a nice mix of creative chaos and a structured way of working. The hierarchies are flat and there’s a strong bond between team members that is forged over the common vision to develop the best products for families.

People from all over the world work at our office. In the heart of Berlin, we develop exciting games and apps that enrich the everyday life of families and provide children around the globe with the possibility of playing and experiencing adventures together.
Our Work Environment

goodbeans offers an inspiring working environment and great possibilities for both personal and professional development. We’re a team of strong personalities, mixing entrepreneurial spirit with creative ideas. Everyone gives their best each day to create Apps that are truly fun.

Working times at goodbeans are flexible. Between projects and during creative breaks, team members recharge their batteries in our “game corner”: Football, table tennis, Nintendo Wii and SingStar make sure everyone finds their favorite. Once a week we have a team breakfast – and once in a while we let our hair down at a panda party!


Pan 2012 Lab

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All participants who submit runs for a task are entitled to publish a notebook describing their approach in the PAN proceedings.

However, before preparing your notebook, we ask you to submit an extended abstract describing your approach first. In your abstract, please describe in detail your approach to solve the task you worked on, describing all the technologies, algorithms, features, and parameters as well as how you adjusted them and how they are combined into a process. The extended abstract must be written in English and it may not exceed 2 pages using the abstract template found below. You may submit one extended abstract for each sub-task you took part in. An introduction or a conclusion may be omitted for brevity. Please submit your notebook by Jun 22, 2012 to our conference managment system.

Your extended abstract will be peer-reviewed for quality. Based upon the review and based upon your performance in the competition, we will decide how long your notebook paper shall be, and what kind of presentation at the conference is expected of you. The length of a notebook may be one of the following (including references):

full paper, max. 12 pages
short paper, max. 8 pages
poster paper, max. 4 pages

The notebook must be written in English and formatted using the notebook template found below.

We encourage you to also submit the source code of your prototype as a ZIP archive alongside your notebook. This will allow for better reproducibility of your results and it will allow those following your approach to better understand how you did it. The source code will be published online alongside your paper. It may be published under any license of your choosing.

We expect that at least one author of each notebook will attend the PAN workshop at the CLEF conference and present their approach.

We have prepared templates for extended abstracts and notebooks:

Extended Abstract Template
Notebook Template

The notebooks are formatted in the LNCS proceedings style. Please do not change the formatting.

Please submit your notebook by Aug 17, 2012 to our conference managment system.

Abstract for Print Proceedings. Besides the full length notebooks, you are also to submit an abstract, which will be printed in the proceedings volume of the CLEF conference. The abstract should not be longer than 400 words, and it should be structured as follows:

E-mail addresses
Body of text, which should contain information on:
tasks performed
main objectives of experiments
approach(es) used
resources employed
results obtained

Please prepare your abstract as a TXT file, and submit it alongside your notebook.

Call for Participation

We invite you to take part in one of the following competitions:

Plagiarism Detection
This task features a new plagiarism corpus based on the ClueWeb09, the new search engine ChatNoir which indexes this corpus, the cloud-based evaluation architecture TIRA, and for the first time, real plagiarism cases.
Author Identification
This task focuses on identifying sexual predators in chat logs, and on authorship verification. For the first time, real cases of disputed authorship will be used.
Quality Flaw Prediction in Wikipedia
This task is newly introduced a generalization of vandalism detection; it is about identifying Wikipedia articles that contain certain information quality flaws.
News: The winning team will be awarded 200,- Euro sponsored by Wikimedia Deutschland!

To register for participation, please fill out and submit the registration form. Be sure to check the PAN-realted task checkbox for the task(s) you wish to participate in.
Also, please join our mailing list in order to stay up to date on any developments.

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Pan Macmillan – J. Roald Smeets

Here you’ll find useful information on the most common issues associated with the site.

I’d like to do work experience at Pan Macmillan
Work experience can be an effective entry route into publishing and Pan Mac we are able to offer one or two week placements on an ad-hoc basis dependant on what we can accommodate within the business. Work experience is generally unpaid, although we do always pay an amount towards travel expenses.

To be eligible for a work experience placement at Pan Macmillan:

You must be 18+
You must not have carried out a work experience placement with Pan Macmillan within the last 6 months

If you are interested in this programme please e-mail your CV in word format stating clearly the dates that you are available, with a covering letter to:

Please be aware, however, that we always have a large volume of interest and limited number of placements so we cannot guarantee you will be offered a work experience placement. We will only contact you if an appropriate placement becomes available.

I have a fault with one of your titles

Please use the menu above to contact us if you have found a fault with one of our titles. It may take up to 28 days for a response to be sent.
How do I submit a Manuscript?
Unfortunately we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or proposals.

The exception is Macmillan New Writing, which only accepts email submissions of complete manuscripts from debut novelists. Macmillan New Writing is temporarily closed to submissions, but for more information, and to find out when we reopen to submissions, please visit the Pan Macmillan website.

You can find information about how to get published and contact information for literary agencies in The Writers Handbook.

J. Roald Smeets

Work Experience

Work Experience (Photo credit: peprice)