Pan Pan Theatre

Since Pan Pan was established by co-directors Gavin Quinn and Aedín Cosgrove, the company has constantly examined and challenged the nature of its work and has resisted settling into well tried formulas. Developing new performance ideas is at the centre of the company’s raison d’être which is born from a desire to be individual and provide innovation in the development of theatre art. All the works created are original, either through the writing (original plays) or through the totally unique expression of established writings. Pan Pan tries to approach theatre as an open form of expression and has developed an individual aesthetic that has grown from making performances in a host of different situations and conditions.

Pan Pan is committed to presenting performances nationally and internationally and developing links for co-productions and collaborations. The company has toured in Ireland, UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and China.
Gavin Quinn Co-Director

I began making theatre when I was five years old in the back garden of the house, where I grew up in Dublin. My first works involved choreographing my sisters to the relevant pop music of the time. Circa 1974.

I suppose even then I wanted to be a boy/man of my time. To be simply concerned with breathing in and out and attend the task of making theatre performances that I am engaged in, without being lascivious nor affected nor posing for the audience.

For the past fifteen years I have mainly collaborated with the designer, Aedín Cosgrove under the working name of Pan Pan.

The theatre that Pan Pan creates is of a contemporary attitude with a lot of personal feelings attached.

Pan Pan is willing to use any language of the theatre to express an intended meaning. Conventions, attitudes and barriers that are both psychological and physical are always limiting performance. Pan Pan tries to approach theatre as an open form of expression. Pan Pan has developed an individual aesthetic that has simply grown from making performances in a host of different situations and conditions.

We work on the exploration of new forms, new approaches and experiments with time, space, music and performance. Our objective has always been to be idiosyncratic, to find the individual step.

There are primary characteristics to our work: authenticity of the performer, humility of purpose, the world as a place of chaos and disorder full of oppositions, conflicts and complexities of existence.

Selected productions include A Bronze Twist of Your Serpent Muscles by Gavin Quinn (winner of Best Overall Production, Dublin Fringe Festival, 1995), Cartoon (1997), Standoffish by Gavin Quinn (Best Production, Advertiser, Adelaide 2000), Deflowerfucked (2001), Mac-Beth 7 (2004), One: Healing with Theatre (2005), The Playboy of the Western World by John Millington Synge (in both Beijing and Dublin, in Mandarin and with a Chinese cast, 2006), Oedipus Loves You by Gavin Quinn and Simon Doyle (2006), The Crumb Trail by Gina Moxley (2009), The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane (Winner of Best Production and Best Set Design Irish Times Theatre Awards 2010), All That Fall by Samuel Beckett (Winner of Best Sound Design and Best Lighting Design, Irish Times Theatre Awards 2011).

Outside of his work with Pan Pan, Gavin has directed for opera, including The 4 Note Opera (Tom Johnson, 2000), The Magic Flute and Hamelin for OTC (Ian Wilson, 2003), The Abduction from the Seraglio for ETO (Hackney Empire, London 2007), and Così Fan Tutte for Opera Ireland (2007).

Aedín Cosgrove co-founded Pan Pan in 1991 with Gavin Quinn. Designs for Pan Pan include A Bronze Twist of Your Serpent Muscles (winner of Best Overall Production, Dublin Fringe Festival, 1995), Standoffish, Cartoon, Mac-Beth 7 (nominated for Best Lighting, Irish Times Theatre Awards, 2004), One: Healing with Theatre, Oedipus Loves You, The Idiots, Playboy of the Western World, (Beijing), The Crumb Trail (nominated for Best Lighting, Irish Times Theatre Awards, 2010), The Rehearsal Playing the Dane, at Dublin Theatre Festival 2010 (winner Irish Times Theatre Award for Best Set Design & Best Production 2011), Do Di Zhu for Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and Irish Pavillion at Shanghai Expo and All That Fall by Samuel Beckett , August 2011 (winner Irish Times Theatre Award for Best Lighting Design).

In 2006, Cosgrove travelled with director Sarah-Jane Scaife to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Athens, Greece, to the Samuel Beckett Centenary Residency program during which time they produced Come and Go, Rough for Theatre I, Act Without Words II, Footfalls, and Nacht und Träume. Later, they travelled to Bei Wei University Beijing to work on translation into Mandrain of Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats, which was published in 2011 and the readings were presented at Shanghai Expo. In 2009 they produced Act Without Words II at ABSOLUT Fringe which was then presented at Dublin Theatre Festival 2010 as part of the Re-viewed programme.

From 1994 to 1996 she aslo worked with Corcadorca designing all aspects of the original productions of Disco Pigs and Misterman by Enda Walsh. At this time Cosgrove has also designed lighting for Abbey Theatre productions including The Mai by Marina Carr. More recently, Aedín had designed for theatre, dance and opera productions including No Worst There Is None (The Stomach Box, 2010, Winner of Best Production, Irish Times Theatre Awards), Five Ways to Drown (junk ensemble, 2010), Don Pasquale (Opera Theatre Company, 2012), and Man of Valour (The Corn Exchange Theatre Company, 2011, Winner Best Overall Design ABSOLUT Fringe 2011 and Best Lighting Design, Irish Times Theatre Awards).

Aoife has worked as the General Manager of Pan Pan Theatre since 1999 and in that time has produced all of their many and varied productions as well as the Dublin International Theatre Symposium in 2001 & 2003, numerous international tours and the ONE…Healing with Theatre project.

In addition to her work with Pan Pan, Aoife works as an independent producer under the title of Lily Productions. Her company has produced Gavin Kostick’s Heart of Darkness (Dublin Fringe Festival 2007, Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival in 2008 & Southbank Centre in 2009 – Winner of Spirit of the Fringe Award, DFF), Michelle Read’s Snakelight (Dun Laoghaire Mountain to the Sea Literary Festival) and Diet of Worms’ Strollinstown (Absolut Fringe 2010) & Cult (Absolut Fringe 2011).


PAN – my favorite art gallery in Naples – J. Roald Smeets

Me and my family have lived in Naples for three years and it has been an unforgettable experience so far. Naples has filled me with so many great memories already. Beautiful town, gorgeous Monte Vesuvio, lively people, amazing spaghetti con sugo di pomodoro and the best pizza in Italy.

But where I really enjoy myself are the art galleries and museums in Italy. PAN – Palazzo Arti Napoli is my favourite and I go and see its exhibitions time after time. Sometimes I feel like its paintings and sculptures feeds me more than pizza. This is my favourite pizza place. 😉

It is located just minutes from our apartment in the center of Naples. One day a couple of years ago I was just walking on the streets marvelling at the scenery. It was a bit cool day, so I just stepped into the museum to enjoy a little bit of culture and art. And I fell in love with this three-storey pink palace straight away.

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Kerstin zu Pan

“Beauty in unusual circumstances comes easily to the camera of Kerstin zu Pan, one of Berlin’s most original photographers. Her photos are moments amid stories – playful wild stories that leave the reviewer guessing. Her work is expressive, ebulliant, and strange. There is always more here than is apparent at first glance.” Clayton Maxwell, Eyemazing 3/2007

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PAN Amsterdam

For 25 years PAN Amsterdam has been the leading contemporary fair for art, antiques and design. The fair is a must for every art lover. PAN Amsterdam has many faces: contemporary and modern art and design go hand in hand with objects that have a long history—a beach scene by Cézanne, a 16th-century Madonna, a spectacular glass chandelier.

Quality is all important. Every object is vetted for authenticity, artistic quality and condition before the fair opens. More than eighty experts are responsible for this. Any object that does not satisfy the strict criteria is immediately removed from the fair. This inspires confidence and assurance, whether you are buying a costly old master or a Roman glass for €800.

In 2011 PAN Amsterdam attracted 51,693 visitors — young and old, from museums to private art enthusiasts, art advisors and interior designers. PAN Amsterdam is an inspiring place for anyone who loves beauty; wants to give their home an individual identity, is looking for a gift with a history, or simply falls in love with that beautiful little cabinet or that painting which sends shivers down your spine.