September J Roald Smeets

Set in the Australian wheat-belt in 1968, SEPTEMBER is a character driven film about two 15 year old boys – one black, one white – whose friendship begins to fall apart under the stress of a changing world. The film is about the boys trying to hold their friendship together in spite of the pressures imposed upon them by a turbulent social and political climate.
Summary written by Serena Paull

Directed by
Peter Carstairs

Peter Carstairs
Ant Horn

Sandra Alexander … line producer
Mark Bamford … executive producer
Michele Bennett … consulting producer
Tony Forrest … executive producer
Gary Hamilton … executive producer
Lynda House … co-producer
Serena Paull … co-producer
John Polson … producer

Cast – in credits order
Xavier Samuel … Ed
Clarence John Ryan … Paddy
Kieran Darcy-Smith … Rick
Kelton Pell … Michael
Alice McConnell … Eve
Lisa Flanagan … Leena
Mia Wasikowska … Amelia
Sibylla Budd … Miss Gregory
Anton TennettĀ¹ … Tom
Paul Gleeson … John Hamilton
Tara Morice … Jennifer Hamilton
Morgan Griffin … Heidi
Bob Baines … Henry

J Roald Smeets


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