The Million PAN Project

Project 365 #39: 080209 Who Wants to be a Mill...

Project 365 #39: 080209 Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (Photo credit: comedy_nose)

The Million Project

Europe’s wilderness is not appreciated enough and faces the danger that without urgent action, it will be lost forever. The PAN Parks Foundation focuses its efforts on ensuring that Europeans protect wilderness areas so they remain free from the footprint of human development.
European wilderness

The PAN Parks Foundation launched ’The Million Project’ with the aim to safeguard 1 million hectares of European wilderness by 2015.
These wilderness areas provide refuge for a diversity of species, are unique reference laboratories where the natural evolutionary process still continues, promote self-sustaining ecosystems through maintaining natural processes and biodiversity for the future and are key to minimising the impact of climate change on our planet.

How we ensure guaranteed protection of wilderness areas?
PAN Parks will build partnerships with wilderness protected areas joining its Europe-wide wilderness movement. We will encourage partner areas’ commitment to preserve their wilderness and will cooperate with them in improving their wilderness management techniques as well as identifying and eliminating some of the risks of the long term protection of their wilderness areas.

Through ’The Million Project’ we will ensure that wilderness on our continent is preserved and future generations can also enjoy and benefit from Europe’s truly wild areas.

‘The Million Project’ is supported by several NGOs:

Information and Nature Conservation Foundation
Wilderness Foundation UK
Iceland Nature Conservation Association
Stiftung Naturlandschaften Brandenburg

Check out the map below to keep track of the growing number of Wilderness Partners including the best wilderness areas and our certified PAN Parks (marked with our logo).

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