Jeff Z. Pan

Department of Computing Science
The University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen AB24 3UE

I welcome applications for doctoral study and post-doctoral visitors in areas relevant to my research interests.

Semantic Web
Ontology Reasoning
Semantic Search
Knowledge Representation
Description Logics
Query Answering
Rule Languages
Software Engineering
Semantic Advertising

Standardisation Efforts

Advisory Committee Representative, W3C
Primary Member Representative, Object Management Group (OMG)
Co-cordinator of the OWL Task Force on Uncertainty
OW 2 (OWL 2 Profile Checker)
OWL 2 Reasoners and their test results
Co-Chair of W3C Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group
Invited expert of W3C Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Working Group
Member of the RuleML steering committee
Co-coordinator, Software Engineering Task Force of the W3C Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment Working Group
Co-coordinator, Multimedia Annotation on the Semantic Web Task Force of the W3C Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment

Working Group
Co-Chair of Fuzzy RuleML Technical Group
W3C Provenance XG
W3C Uncertainty Reasoning for the World Wide Web Incubator Group
Co-author of RDFS(FA), OWL-E and OWL-Eu


My profile at Google Scholar
Presentations  [CSD Seminars]
PhD studentships are available here
Advice for PhD students (By Alan Bundy)
How to choose a good topic for a thesis (By Serge Abiteboul)
How to do research (Edited by David Chapman)
How to write technical papers (By Jennifer Widom)
How to give a great research talk (By Simon Peyton Jones et al.)
How to create attractive posters (By Regev et al.)
How to review papers (from CHI 2005)
How NOT to review papers (from Graham Cormode)
Local guide on how to review papers

Recent Events and Links

Royal Society Event on Web science: A new frontier
The next Scottish Linked Data Meetup in Aberdeen
UK Open Government License (Why it is good and what it means)

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